Friday, September 30, 2005

St. George Marathon

Tomorrow morning is going to come too early! Annie is running the St. George Marathon. We are excited and a little nervous. It will be fun watching her run though, I'll be there with her family cheering her on. Good Luck Annie!!!
Annie is so great! She has been training long and hard for tomorrow. Everymorning she's been getting up before the butt-crack of dawn running 5, 10, 20 miles. What amazes me is that after any amount of running she does, she doesn't seem tired! What can I say, she's got spunk, and bubbleties! I love her.

Today was my last day at the airport. I'm transferring to SkyWest's headquarters as a graphic designer. I'm way excited, I finally get weekends off and holidays, and the pay is better. WOO HOO!!!

Maddie is as cute as ever I'll be posting more pics soon on flickr, and I'll post some here too.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Our New Home on the Net

My mail/web server finally took a turn for the worse. I believe the hard drive decided it was time for a permanate vacation. I would have a moment of silence for it, but the darn thing didn't even give me a warning. I guessed I learned a valuable lesson... and that is.... umm... Never eat yellow snow. Its a good thing I had a back up of all my files.

This will be the new so everything will be posted here now. Our pictures are on flickr, but now that yahoo bought them out, I'm looking for a better service. If you'd like to see our pictures they are here Our Pictures.

Have a good one and please feel free to leave comments.