Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So this is the new year...

Dave has abandoned his post as fambly blogger, so I, Annie, have nobly taken over. "Whatever. Say I was discouraged. I haven't abondoned it." he says as she cruelly transcibes every word onto the screen. MWAHAHA!

So anyway, I'm sort of taking over for the time being. There's really nothing much new. I still work at Great Harvest, Dave still works at SkyWest, Maddie's vocabulary is still made up mostly of the words "Uh-Ooooh" and Ooo-Weeee". BUT we do have a new family picture.

Enjoy this one. You can't tell by our happy smiling faces, but the few moments preceding the split second in which the picture was snapped were a trying few. Maddie wasn't in much of a mood to sit still and have her picture snapped, which in turn put her mom and dad in a similar mood. In the end it was Dave's quick thinking, and unnaturally strong (I'm talking popeye here) arms that saved us all. He tossed Maddie up in the air a couple times just before the camera lady snapped the picture. This practice succeeded in extracting a cooperatively happy face from everyone involved.