Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I loves me my snacks.

I also loves me my skinny jeans.

If you're like me then you must visit the Hungry Girl site. It rocks.

Friends, Hungry Girl. Hungry Girl, Friends. You'll get along just peachy.

Hungry Girl's Fruity Fantastic Summer treats

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Like a popsicle. Or maybe more like a hot dog.

Thus far the summer has proved summerriffic. I only work three days a week, and I get home around 10:30 a.m. when I do, so by the time I’m all showered and dressed it’s like I didn’t work at all. ‘course, if I wasn’t working I’d probably be sleeping in till around 9:00 and then mulling around in my jammies until about 10:30 , so it all evens out. I love my early morning work schedule. If I didn’t have work to get me up early every other weekday I’d pout about how I never get up early enough to enjoy the cool mornings. The heat kinda depresses me.

WOO! We went out to Sand Hollow reservoir last Saturday for the FR employee pick nick. It was shenanigans. Living up to her title of “drama queen” Maddie had a grand old time decked out in her floaties and tube kicking out beyond the shallow water towards the bigger kids and calling “heeow me! Heeow heeow!” (heeow= help). They totally fell for it and offered to tug her back to shore. Little did they know she just wanted free rides. All three of us took a ride on the wave runner. It was windy and the water was choppy, but we didn’t tip luckily, then we sent Dave out on his own so he could be all stunt-tastic without us. I got sunburned because I didn’t put on sunblock, though I made sure Maddie and Dave did. I hung out with Laura later and she put aloe vera stuff on me a whole bunch.

Apparently the effects of the lake trip wore Maddie out for two whole days afterward. Here’s her trying to stay awake in the car (this one’s for you Spence-O)

Ah, I can’t believe I’m already tired of summer. Even the forf of Juwy isn’t making me all giddy with anticipation like it usually does. I kinda just want school to start again and make it cool off. C’ept then I remember that I don’t have any creative classes going on, just Spanish, and then after that Spanish 2. Maybe I’ll have to try and wedge Intro to Illustrator in there somewhere just to keep me sane. Until then artsy fartsy projects’ll just have to hold me over. I’m currently making a rainforest-y depiction for Maddie's room. Check it out, I get to use mod-podge. I KNOW!

In closing, I can't believe my last post had snow in it. *tear*

Thursday, March 01, 2007

like a virgin

My birthday day in Vegas was exceedingly fun, and filled with firsts. We ate lunch at in-n-out and had animal style french fries for the first time ever. Previously, only animal style burgers have graced our arteries. a'course, first I had to stop at Carl's Jr. for two side salads with balsamic vinaigrette because I didn't want to fill up on junk. I got my first ear piercings while Dave watched and inwardly giggled at me while the lady was drawing and re-drawing the dots on my ears. I briefly considered gambling for my first time ever, but we weren't anywhere near any slots the whole time we were down there. We had dinner at Eliseevsky, a Russian restaurant, for Dave's Valentines present. I felt slightly out of place because almost everyone in there was speaking Russian. Vegas has a tiny Russian community, who knew? We shared an order of Pelmini (meat dumplings with hot sour cream) and I had shashlik, it's basically a pork kabob with really extremely good sauce (Me and Dave determined that the sauce was tomato based, but besides that we couldn't even begin to guess what else is in it). We were able to squeeze in some dessert this time, we had crepes with warm strawberries and cream filling. With the live music (a petite little blonde russian woman dressed kinda funky played an accordian...thing?)it ended up being kinda romantic. We spent two and a half hours at dinner, but it didn't feel like we were there that long.

For my birthday I got a gift card, which I used to buy some leopard print ballet flats. Surprisingly they go with almost everything. Laura got me some earrings (she knew I'd be getting my ears pierced), and Dave gave me a really great time and some pierced ears.

Midterm exam last night. I studied and aced. This week I have to get cracking on designing a logo for my made up company. They do high end custom cabinetry. I was thinking of doing a really simple image of woodworking. I have no idea if I'll be able to pull that off though so I need to come up with some alternate ideas.

Yesterday I worked. We hiked through Snow Canyon State Park, which is where most of our hikes are. Snow Canyon, named after Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, not for it's abundance of frozen precipitation, was uncharacteristically filled with the cold white stuff yesterday. I got some pictures while I was on the hike. I was sad that my camera wasn't picking up the red in the rocks very well. Red rocks and snow: in my opinion one of the prettiest sights to behold.

The night before the big snow I had been online playing World Of Warcraft with Dave (sometimes we play with Alan from across town). My character is an elf, but since the Lunar Festival was going on I got to travel (via Lunar portal) to any of the major alliance cities. I went to Ironforge, the dwarven City in the mountain. Outside Ironforge is a wintery white snow-filled forest, so me and my pet bear tromped around in the snow (we even left foot and paw prints wherever we went) and chatted with dwarves that called me "lass". Anyhow, when me and Dave went to bed that night Dave shrieked and asked why my feet were so freezing. My reply was something about how me and Bear had been running around in the snow all night. I was unimaginably tickled the next day to be hiking through so much real snow.

ah! I almost forgot. Alan was in an offroad motorcycle race and we went and watched the beginning (only the beginning because we had to leave early for yet another visit to the emergency room because Dave accidentally gave maddie what the doctor and nurse called "nursemaids elbow", but that's a story for another day). It was cool to see the insane amount of motorcycles lined up far away and then hear the roar of the motors as they kicked up a cloud of dust on their way towards us. I got pictures.

far away in the distance you can barely see the mass of motorcycles lined up.

My brother’s wife, her little boy (in the back carrier) and little girl, maddie, the twins, me. We were totally spectating.

...and this is me playing with the close-up function on my camera

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why not a little spanish flea?

I got a job at a local fitness spa as a hike guide. They used to be called The Body Shop, but have recently changed their name to Fitness Ridge Resort. I train for two weeks and then I can lead. It was overcast and windy on the first day. Some snow got blown down from the north so we even got snowed on for about 15 minutes. That was especially cool because two of the guests had never seen falling snow before. The job makes me a little nervous, not the hiking part(paid to hike--boyhowdy!), but the interacting with guests part. It's widely known I'm not exactly charismatic. But, every job I've done has taught me something so maybe this is my chance to learn better conversation-with-strangers skills. I took my camera, but I only got one picture.

That's my boss. He just happened to be in front of the good scenery.

I work only three days a week. In the summer it will be extra good because they start hikes at 6:30am and get done at 9:30am. I love being done early.

Last night I was singing "Spanish Flea" Homer Simpson style. (I'll try to find a clip and put it in the entry. If you have your speakers on and can't hear it...I failed.)
Dave asked me if I knew what band played the song. I correctly guessed The Tijauana Brass. Next he asked me if I knew the main guy's name. I guessed the first thing that came to my mind, which happened to be "Phil Harpert". His puzzled response of "um, good guess" was hilarious. For a second he looked at me as though he wasn't sure whether to be happy that I was so close, or disturbed at how bad I mangled Herb Alpert's name.