Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why not a little spanish flea?

I got a job at a local fitness spa as a hike guide. They used to be called The Body Shop, but have recently changed their name to Fitness Ridge Resort. I train for two weeks and then I can lead. It was overcast and windy on the first day. Some snow got blown down from the north so we even got snowed on for about 15 minutes. That was especially cool because two of the guests had never seen falling snow before. The job makes me a little nervous, not the hiking part(paid to hike--boyhowdy!), but the interacting with guests part. It's widely known I'm not exactly charismatic. But, every job I've done has taught me something so maybe this is my chance to learn better conversation-with-strangers skills. I took my camera, but I only got one picture.

That's my boss. He just happened to be in front of the good scenery.

I work only three days a week. In the summer it will be extra good because they start hikes at 6:30am and get done at 9:30am. I love being done early.

Last night I was singing "Spanish Flea" Homer Simpson style. (I'll try to find a clip and put it in the entry. If you have your speakers on and can't hear it...I failed.)
Dave asked me if I knew what band played the song. I correctly guessed The Tijauana Brass. Next he asked me if I knew the main guy's name. I guessed the first thing that came to my mind, which happened to be "Phil Harpert". His puzzled response of "um, good guess" was hilarious. For a second he looked at me as though he wasn't sure whether to be happy that I was so close, or disturbed at how bad I mangled Herb Alpert's name.