Thursday, March 24, 2011

So I think I'm gonna post some stuff...

Maddie turned 7!

We had a big party with friends for her at Pirate Island. I had a blast making her cake. I have to explain that one of our family's favorite shows to watch together is Cake Boss. I love the creativity and the family dynamics, Maddie loves the colorful cakes, and Dave just likes the sweets. So when I set out to make Maddie's birthday cake it was hard not to go overboard. I actually planned it well and wasn't in a crunch to get it done (whaaaat!?). Yeah. Maddie helped me put on the little sea-star flowers and the pirate. It was awesome when Maddie saw it all finished.

It was Maddie's first party with friends too, we usually just do a family get-together, so that was special. Her friend Michael came. Maddie informs us she is going to marry him.

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Sara Sue said...

That was cake was finger lickin. maddie's getting married huh? hahaha